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Unije, Mali Lošinj

Hiša - Za prodajo

ID koda: 9285


MALI LOŠINJ - UNIJE, house 1st row to the sea!

A semi-detached house with an area of 126 m2, which consists of a ground floor, a first floor and a high attic, and a garden of 42 m2 that provides privacy and comfort.
The house is neat and well maintained, renovated in the period from 2010 to 2014.

Beautiful location - 1st row to the sea!

The island is connected to Mali Lošinj daily by passenger boats in season and out of season. In season, from June to September, the island is also connected to Rijeka by a fast catamaran line every day (except Tuesdays), and to Pula on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Out of season, from October to May, the island is connected to Pula and Zadar once a week (on Saturdays), and to Rijeka on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
There is 1 shop, a bakery, a restaurant and a post office/exchange office on the island.
Yachts and sailboats anchor in Maračola bay (about 1.5 km from the town).
The desalinizer is in operation, so the island is autonomous in its water supply.
Garbage and bulky waste are taken off the island. There is no traffic, industry or any pollutants on the island.
The beaches are arranged and cleaned regularly.
The island offers clean sea, air and ecologically healthy nature.
There are trails about 10 km long for recreational walkers.

For more information and a viewing appointment call: +385/99/320-0005


Komunalni stroški

  • Voda
  • Elektrika
  • Mestni vodovod
  • Asfaltirana cesta
  • Klimatizirano


  • Pritličje
  • Prvo
  • Visoko podstrešje

Opis nepremičnine

  • Podvrsta nepremičnine: Dvojna
  • Klima
  • Stanje: Urejeno in vzdrževano
  • Število stanovanj: 1



Dodatni prostori

  • Skladišče
  • Shramba


  • Električno


  • Lastniški list
  • Energijski razred: Energijski certifikat je v izdelavi


  • Površina vrta: 42 m2

Bližina vsebin

  • Pošta
  • Oddaljenost od morja: 5 m
  • Trgovina
  • Prva vrsta ob morju
  • Bližina morja


  • Terasa
  • Hiša ob morju
  • Opremljeno
  • Pogled na morje
  • Leto izgradnje: 1918 godina
  • Število nadstropij: Nadstropna
  • Vrsta hiše: Dvojna
  • Leto zadnje obnove: 2010-2014

Prikaži kot

  • Priložnost
Nebojša Stojaković
Nebojša Stojaković
Licencirani agent

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