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Ravna Gora

Terreno - Vendita

ID codice: 7453


RAVNA GORA, land of 84.600 sqm with the project for building objects on a land surface of 16.037 sqm.
Objects are planned as two semi-detached houses, where each would have about 50 sqm in the basic, living floor. they would be connected with a winter garden, which at the same time would be the main entrance. Each house would have basement, ground floor as a living-dining space with a fireplace, kitchen and bathroom and an attic as a space for sleeping-rooms with a bathroom. In total, living area for each house would be aprox. 90sqm.
The outside space: balcony/loggia towards the valley (under the big roof), outside fireplace and garden of aprox. 650 sqm.
A private road, about 250 m long, is planned to serve the whole community. It is directly connected to the main village road. Each house can have 2 parking lots in the garages.

Info: +385/99/320-0008


  • Costi comunali: Acqua
  • Costi comunali: Elettricita'
  • Altro: Tipo del terreno: Edificabile
  • Costi comunali: Impianto idrico(rete urbana)
  • Altro: Uso: D'abitazione
  • Costi comunali: Strada asfaltata
  • Descrizione dell'immobile: Sottotipo: Edificabile
  • Permessi: Atto di proprieta'
  • Trasporto: Automobile
  • Accesso : Automobile
  • Accesso : Camion
  • Accesso : Furgone
Agencija Opatija
Agencija Opatija



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