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Opatija - Centar, Opatija

Casa - Affitto

ID codice: 6445


RIVIERA OF OPATIJA, old austruhungarian villa directly on the sea.

The villa is one of the most attractive villas in Riviera of Opatija.
It was built in 1904-1906, according to the designs of famous Viennese architect, Carl Seidl, who desrves praise for the construction of a number of remarkable buildings on Opatija's Riviera.

It is beyond doubt that erstwhile aristocrats knew how to enjoy life. And today as well, for persons tired of traveling and of frustrations that they are exposed to in their work and everyday lives, there is no better remedy than a leisurely walk along the seaside promenade that stretches in a lenght of several kilometers and passes directly under the terrace of this villa.
One may also seek tranquility in some of the nooks of the spacious plot of ground around the villa, alongside the graveled paths, amidst the copies of monuments dispersed throughout the garden, on the benches with views that encompass the entire Gulf of Kvarner, under the pergolas and beside the stone vases with their elaborate relievos. A more demanding eye will on the facade of the villa, between its loggias, terraces and neo-Renaissance columns, discover a lunette with the mosaic that depicts two angels - a copied detail from Raphael's Sistine Madonna, and in front of the entrance door a stone relievo of Saint Nicholas.

When invigorated by the fresh air you go back to the villa, which has been proclaimed a first-class cultural heritage monument, you will find yourself in the central entrance hall with its richly embellished fireplace, surrounded by brass secession-style knobs and other traces of the predilections of its old owners and of older times.
And just as the villa arises from an incomparably older house next door, you too will feel that the days spent in the villa have helped you feel better in your own original ambiance in the course of the remainder of the year, whilst the Kvarner vedutas that you have enjoyed and that you will carry with you wherever you go, will always urge you to come back once more.

Info strictly in agency!! - +385/99/320-0001


  • Costi comunali: Acqua
  • Costi comunali: Elettricita'
  • Giardino: Giardino
  • Altro: Balcone
  • Altro: Terrazzo
  • Altro: Casa al mare
  • Altro: Arredato
  • Altro: Vista al mare
  • Altro: Villa
  • Piano: Locale sotterraneo
  • Piano: Pianterreno
  • Altro: Data di costruzione: 1904 godina
  • Piano: Primo
  • Piano: Secondo
  • Altro: Numero di piani: Casa a piu' piani
  • Costi comunali: Impianto idrico(rete urbana)
  • Costi comunali: Telefono
  • Costi comunali: Strada asfaltata
  • Descrizione dell'immobile: Sottotipo: Villa
  • Altro: Tipo di casa: Casa indipendente
  • Costi comunali: Fognaria comunale
  • Permessi: Atto di proprieta'
  • Orientamento: Sud-ovest
  • Spazi connessi all'immobile: Parcheggio
  • Riscaldamento: Elettrico
  • Descrizione dell'immobile: Accesso per gli invalidi
  • Descrizione dell'immobile: Condizione: Arredato e mantenuto bene
  • Permessi: Valore energetico: Certificato energetico in elaborazione
  • Spazi connessi all'immobile: Dispensa
  • Trasporto: Corriera
  • Riscaldamento: riscaldamento classico a legna
  • Trasporto: Automobile
  • Falegnameria: di legna
  • Descrizione dell'immobile: Numero di unita' abitative: 2
  • Spazi connessi all'immobile: Tavernetta
  • Superficie del terrazzo: 50 m2

Vicinanza di contenuti

  • Parco
  • Campo di gioco
  • Posta
  • Distanza dal mare: 10 m
  • Banca
  • Asilo
  • Negozio
  • Scuola
  • Prima fila al mare
  • Trasporto pubblico
  • Vicinanza al mare
  • Distanza dal trasporto pubblico: 100m
  • Distanza dal centro: 500 m
Milan Mandić
Milan Mandić
Director - Licensed agent



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